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1st birthday, Home School Activities, Getaway Vacation


Leo took these pictures.   He impressively got a frown and smile out of Simon.


The girls love this thing.  Thank you Kroger! 


Silvia got a visit from the tooth fairy this month!  

Happy 1st birthday to Simon!

I went on a vacation to the lake with my sisters and mom.  It was so nice to hang around other adults who can do everything for themselves. 😉 We went to Put-in-bay, the beach, the pool, putt-putting, and made delicious coffee shakes and cocktails every day.  We watched a movie and played games and read.  Ahhh…..just talking about it relaxes me again.

Top pic:  Leo watches the eclipse through our homemade pinhole viewer

All the sand pics: After listening to the intro to Story of the World, we did one of the suggested activities of burying items that will explain to future civilizations what our generation did for food, entertainment, transportation, tools.  I buried a bunch of things and the kids tried to dig them up like archaeologists.  It was fairly realistic since I forgot where I buried half of them….

Another Story of the World Activity:  Building a hut or shelter out of materials we could find and gather.  We just so happen to have a giant log pile in our yard, so this was pretty easy.  We also pulled up a little moss and leaves and weeds to fill in the holes. Then their shelter was a nice home for their fairies….(top middle and right pictures).

Snapped these pictures a couple days into our first “official” week of homeschooling.  I am mostly following a free Charlotte Mason curriculum this year.  Leo finished another round of swim lessons.  His swim instructor told me he swam across the whole pool and asked if I’d seen it…..Whoops.  Was either on my phone or walking around with Simon. Silvia has been taking a gymnastics class and loving it.

Co-op starts in a few weeks!  Looking forward to it.


July Family Vacation and More


Toward the beginning of July, we made a little trip to Indy to visit friends.  Nostalgia.  That is the word I felt. Seeing dear friends and neighbors and our old stomping grounds got me nostalgic, sad and reminded me what I love/miss about Indy. For some inexplicable reason, I don’t think I took any pictures??

A couple weeks ago we went to Clifty Falls State Park for the CL vacation.  I took these photos from my friend, because I forgot to take pictures.  It went surprisingly well this year.  The 3 kids were already used to sleeping in a queen bed together, so they shared one in the hotel with no problem.  I put Simon’s pack n play in the bathroom, which worked out well.  I was much more relaxed this year probably b/c I went into it with very low expectations and didn’t try to put anyone to bed too early.  One morning we did a 2 1/2 hour hike in about 90% humidity.  We all enjoyed it.  As you can see from the pictures, we were an enormous group.

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I took these pics of Simon one day while we were rolling around on the kids’ bed.



Auntie Danielle and baby Graham paid us a visit and brought what every guest should bring — home-made lasagna!

We were tired of Simon causing all sorts of trouble, so we hitched a baby swing to the roof of our deck. If Simon doesn’t love roller coasters when he gets older, it’s through no fault of Theresa and Silvia.


I’ll swallow my pride. Joe predicted this one…the kids are back in the same room (after laboriously rearranging the rooms for the second time).


The “garage swing” lasted about a week until it found it’s home in the backyard


Doing what I do best…drinking cocktails, reading, and neglecting chores.


Sundays, where we try not to work, but really Joe and the kids make a gigantic mess all day only for me to clean it up on Monday!

Exactly 1 month later…


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Here’s a little slideshow of our spring/summer shenanigans.  Simon’s been crawling up the stairs and climbing onto low beds.  He likes to hang out under tables, which forces me to keep it swept, so he doesn’t eat all the scraps….like a dog.


We celebrated our anniversary on June 5th.  (Most of these pics are repeats of what I’ve posted on Instagram or FB).  We went on our (2nd) date since moving to Dayton.  Hit the Oregon District up again for dinner and a walk.


Leo turned 6 in June so we had a couple little “parties” for him.  6 other kids came over to play and I gave them crackers with cheese and salami, apple slices and brownies.  Simple and not the least bit impressive, but my focus was on giving Leo a special day with friends.    In the picture above, you can see our new sandbox that Joe built.  We got rid of our little crab sandbox which the kids were outgrowing.


Hiking in Yellow Springs with Oma and Opa. Of course Simon pooped all over Oma and the Ergo carrier in the woods.  (Hence why he ended up in nary a clothes, only diaper)

Doing a tiny bit of “school” on random days.  I planned to keep going through the summer, but we’ve pretty much taken the last 2 weeks off.  Except we’ve gotten in some math because Leo enjoys the challenge.  He’s learning some tricks and patterns in addition and multiplication.


My almost daily habit of drinking a mocha on the porch swing.  Always a relaxing few minutes before somebody wakes up or interrupts me. 😉

Sweet little Simon napping next to his Jesus doll, which someone gave him as a baptism present.

I took Theresa and Simon out on a walk yesterday during Leo and Silvia’s first day of Vacation Bible School.  Then I tried meal planning on the couch and fell asleep only to wake up and find Theresa had also fallen asleep….on the floor!  Next 2 pictures are the kids at the Boonshoft museum, which Phyllis and I went to while Joe and Phil were out of town (on vacation…ahem).  Last picture is Theresa asleep at Mass.  She fell asleep in the car on the way to church, much to my surprise.  The girl just keeps passing out everywhere. 😆

2 vacations, a day trip and visitors….July


We started off July with a visit to Columbus for a 4th of July 5k run for Joe and a kid’s run in which Eliana and Leo participated.  Silvia bailed last minute.  The kids had a great time playing with our friends, the Bonds, and we spent a few hours at their house after the race.


All 5 of them playing at the park while the dads ran.  Waiting for the kids’ race.

File_000 (14)

Lunch at the Bond’s house


Leo and Silvia were enjoying giving Theresa wagon rides down our street.

File_000 (10)File_000 (9)

File_000 (8)

Leo participated in a free Safety around water class at the Y, which they didn’t actually teach much swimming, but he still enjoyed

File_000 (7)

It was just Theresa, Joe and I for 3 days when Leo and Silvia went to Ft. Wayne with their grandparents and cousins.


Thankfully the kids made it to the zoo this summer at the Ft. Wayne zoo


At the Ft. Wayne zoo with their cousin Zain


Their grandparents took them and their cousins to trampoline park

File_000 (6)

I sadly only have 1 picture from the CL weekend vacation at Clifty Falls State Park.  I guess we were just too busy DOING.

File_000 (5)

Our former neighbors from Indy came for another visit.  Jemima reading to Theresa

File_000 (3)

The homeschool co-op group we’re apart of hosted the summer Olympics.  Leo & Silvia didn’t win anything, but here is a photo op of them pretending like they did.

File_000 (4)

One of the games was the balance beam (in background)

File_000 (2)

Silvia and Theo are 5 weeks apart and played together some this past weekend at the 1st Rose vacation at Lake Erie


Theresa and Cora (who is behind her) are 6 months apart.  Not playing together yet


And here’s a few pics from the Lake Erie vacation.  It has been a very busy July.  August is looking like it’ll be just as busy.  Oh yea, and August will most likely include a new baby as well.  EEEkkk!

June days in pictures


Leo had a birthday in June so we had some friends over and had a little party. Here are the pictures from that.  The kids like the new sports equipment he got. (T-ball and soccer net).  Joe has been kicking the soccer ball around with them several nights a week. Also, Leo and Silvia like to race around the outside perimeter of the house while Joe tracks their time.

My cousin discovered a cool park that we’ve gone to a couple times now.  I’ve never seen a sandpit as big as the one they have, but I forgot to get a picture of it.  It has a water pump in the middle so the kids can make little valleys with water.  Leo spends the majority of his time there.  They also have a splash pad and a variety of contraptions to climb. Here are the kids playing, although the last one is Theresa at a different park:

File_000 (3)File_000 (2)File_000 (1)20160614_104534

We’ve been spending most of our afternoons outside playing in our backyard or deck. The deck is mostly shaded so sometimes I camp out there and read a book.  We’ll eat lunch out there and frequently read a book on the swing after the kids wake up from naps.  I was trying to read the boxcar children books with Leo, along with starting Harry Potter, but it was just too much reading and Theresa and Silvia were sometimes impatient.  I do feel a little motivated to keep working with Leo on literacy skills so he can read by himself.  Also, I just got some audio books from the library so I can delegate the reading to “someone else”.


Theresa can now climb up the slide by herself.

File_000 (4)


They love to push Theresa on the swing and try to make her laugh.

File_000 (5)

Purple hearts with letters written on it to practice letter sounds.

File_000 (6)

Silvia working on numbers.  When they got it right, they could put the heart in their truck.

File_000 (7)

counting, addition/subtraction and numbers

File_000 (8)File_000


I’ve really not been doing much “formal” educational stuff with them lately, so one afternoon while Theresa was napping, I worked on letters with Leo and numbers with Silvia.

During our weekend in Ft. Wayne, Leo learned how to tread water and “swim”…aka doggie paddle to the sides of the pool.  He was even brave enough to go off the diving board.  The last picture is with their grandma, who took them for two glorious days so Joe and I could have a couple days to ourselves before the baby comes and life gets even crazier.   I mostly just accomplished some things off my to-do list, but it was still nice to have some peace and quiet 😉

20160529_113054File_000 (10)File_000 (11)