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Exactly 1 month later…


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Here’s a little slideshow of our spring/summer shenanigans.  Simon’s been crawling up the stairs and climbing onto low beds.  He likes to hang out under tables, which forces me to keep it swept, so he doesn’t eat all the scraps….like a dog.


We celebrated our anniversary on June 5th.  (Most of these pics are repeats of what I’ve posted on Instagram or FB).  We went on our (2nd) date since moving to Dayton.  Hit the Oregon District up again for dinner and a walk.


Leo turned 6 in June so we had a couple little “parties” for him.  6 other kids came over to play and I gave them crackers with cheese and salami, apple slices and brownies.  Simple and not the least bit impressive, but my focus was on giving Leo a special day with friends.    In the picture above, you can see our new sandbox that Joe built.  We got rid of our little crab sandbox which the kids were outgrowing.


Hiking in Yellow Springs with Oma and Opa. Of course Simon pooped all over Oma and the Ergo carrier in the woods.  (Hence why he ended up in nary a clothes, only diaper)

Doing a tiny bit of “school” on random days.  I planned to keep going through the summer, but we’ve pretty much taken the last 2 weeks off.  Except we’ve gotten in some math because Leo enjoys the challenge.  He’s learning some tricks and patterns in addition and multiplication.


My almost daily habit of drinking a mocha on the porch swing.  Always a relaxing few minutes before somebody wakes up or interrupts me. ūüėČ

Sweet little Simon napping next to his Jesus doll, which someone gave him as a baptism present.

I took Theresa and Simon out on a walk yesterday during Leo and Silvia’s first day of Vacation Bible School.  Then I tried meal planning on the couch and fell asleep only to wake up and find Theresa had also fallen asleep….on the floor!  Next 2 pictures are the kids at the Boonshoft museum, which Phyllis and I went to while Joe and Phil were out of town (on vacation…ahem).  Last picture is Theresa asleep at Mass.  She fell asleep in the car on the way to church, much to my surprise.  The girl just keeps passing out everywhere. ūüėÜ


Easter, family, books



Leo just finished reading his first Magic Tree House book.   Below I caught Leo reading to Silvia all on their own.  I had to run get my camera.  Silvia will sometimes ask Leo to read to her now that he is able to read well enough. At first she was too impatient with his (lack of) speed.  Since Leo is improving by leaps and bounds on his reading, we have turned our focus to writing.


Simon is 8 months now and started crawling a few weeks ago.¬†He likes to chew on cords. He loves playing with doors. He pushes it open, crawls over to it, pushes it almost closed, crawls over, opens it…repeat. I am red in the face in the top right picture b/c I’d just finished a run. ¬†Simon is going to be a math genius since we are starting him early on the abacus.

The weather has been pretty warm lately, so we’ve gotten out on some strolls/bike rides and gone to the park. ¬†We also went to the Boonshoft museum on Good Friday because I thought we still had co-op that morning and drove downtown to find nobody there. So we made a detour to the museum. ¬†The evening of Good Friday we drove 50 minutes to meet friends in CL at a park to do a Way of the Cross. ¬†Afterwards the kids played while we waited for pizza and ate. ¬†Leo and Silvia made new friends and were having the time of their life. ¬†We were so amazed to see them playing with the other kids as they are so shy! I think being around the kids during the Way of the Cross warmed them up to new people.

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We drove up to Ann Arbor for a day and half over Easter weekend. ¬†My brother was hosting and all of my side of the family made it. ¬†The kids had a blast playing with their cousins and it was cool to be with all my family, even if it did feel like a whirlwind. ¬†There was an Easter Egg hunt and a walk to a neighborhood park. ¬†In one picture, Joe is trying to get Simon to grab the Easter egg up in the tree, but he wouldn’t do it.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve started a new goal of making Sundays a day of rest/family day. ¬†It has been a challenge! There is always so much work that needs to get done around the house and projects to be completed. ¬†So Joe and I worked hard all day Saturday and let the kids join us in the projects.¬† Pictured above:¬†Sunday we had a lovely day outside playing with the kids and going to the park.

Christmas and January 



A washcloth makes a fun hat

Enjoying a mocha from our espresso maker at home since there doesn’t seem to be any opportunities these days to get out of the house by myself ‚ėēÔłŹūüėć

We were all pretty excited for Christmas vacation in Fort Wayne, but 3 days split between families was crazy/fast

Opening presents on Christmas Eve with Oma & Opa

Watching their cousin open a present at Nana and Pops’ house on Christmas Day

Christmas night back at Oma and Opa’s

Monkey see monkey do. Probably dressing up like Mary

I think they’re going to be friends


New Year’s Eve party at friends’ house


Leo and Silvia doing “science experiments” from last year’s Christmas present kit

They look too happy to be in jail. (Boonshoft museum)

Order in the court!


Digging for fossils


Leo is kinda obsessed with the Ice age and pre-historic animals, so he was ridiculously excited when an Ice age exhibit came to Boonshoft. All the animals are animatronics

The kids had a 2 month break from co-op for the holidays, but were happy to get back into it.

I just figured out how to load pictures from my phone directly onto the blog, so hopefully I will update the blog more!


Florida trip and Thanksgiving


The kids went to FL with their grandparents for about a week before Simon and I flew down to join them for a few days. Below is a slideshow of their adventures.

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So what did I do with myself for a week you ask? ¬†Well, some days Simon slept ok during the day and some days I felt like I was trying to put him down all day because he would just wake back up. So he did stifle some of my efficiency. ¬†I thought I would get the whole house organized and cleaned from top to bottom. But surprise, surprise,¬†all I was able to do was organize the house and switch the kids’ rooms around. ¬†Switching the kids’ rooms was a big project however, as I had to try different combinations to see how I liked their furniture and reorganize their upstairs toys into smarter spaces. ¬†I moved Leo’s little legos, puzzles and audio books into the guest room so that he can use them during his quiet time.

We had turned Theresa’s bed into a toddler bed and she’d been doing really well staying in her room at nap and bedtime. ¬†But after a few weeks, she didn’t stay in her room so well. After several days of her coming into our room at 5:40 am, 5:15, and 4:50am, we converted it back into a crib….aka baby jail.

Theresa is the age that Silvia was when I potty trained her. ¬†A couple weeks ago I spent 6 days trying to potty train Theresa before giving up. ¬†I’m stubborn and consistent, and was not expecting to give up, but man, that girl broke me. ¬†Pee everywhere. ¬†Poop under the dining room table while I’m in the midst of cooking dinner. ¬†Waking up every morning stressed about the task before me and trapped at home all week. ¬†She was maybe going in the potty 40-50% of the time. ¬†Not good enough progress for 6 days. ¬†Giving up felt like a big relief.

The pics above are from Thanksgiving in Ft. Wayne. ¬†The kids had a good time with their cousins. ¬†We got in free at Science Central because of our reciprocal pass from the Boonshoft Museum in Dayton. ¬†The picture with all the men is my dad, brother, brother-in-law and Joe trying to build an arch.. and failing. How many men does it take to put together an arch? More than 4 apparently ūüėČ

I’ve been so bad about taking pictures. ¬†The kids and I went to an Our Lady of Guadalupe party with the co-op on Thursday. ¬†Leo and Silvia are starting to make friends with their classmates. ¬†It was the first opportunity they had to play with the kids outside of “school”. ¬†Then on Saturday night, Joe and I went to a Christmas party through the Church most of the homeschoolers go to and the kids were babysat in a room with a bunch of their friends. Also, last week I dropped them off at the YMCA childcare 3x so I could get in a few runs. ¬†They got plenty of socialization last week ūüėČ

Settling into Life


Putting up some pictures of what we’ve been up to. ¬†I’ve been so busy that I haven’t actually taken very many pictures!


From when Simon was probably a week old.

Theresa is at that goofy one year old age. ¬†She is obsessed with putting on everyone’s shoes. She likes to put shirts over or on her head. ¬†One day I took her to Aldi with a bathing suit top around her neck and the bottoms on her head. ¬†I had kinda forgotten about it til we got back to the car and she’d finally thrown the bottoms off her head.

These are pictures from Silvia’s 4th birthday. ¬†I took the kids to the Boonshoft Museum and we had a fun time. ¬†Theresa is modeling her new bling in the last pic. ¬†We didn’t expect it to be large and gaudy, but sometimes these things happen with online shopping. ūüėČ

I’ve managed to get out some. The first full day I had with the kids by myself was when Simon was 1 week. ¬†I knew we had to get out of the house or I’d go crazy. ¬†So we went to the park (top 2 pics). ¬†I actually brought an ice pack to sit on with a towel on the bench. lol ¬†Still sore at that point. Bottom left is from a walk/bike ride the kids and I did to find a new playground in the neighborhood. ¬†Bottom¬†right was a nice day in which I took some books outside to read to Leo and Silvia (and Simon) while Theresa napped.

Simon smiles and coos and is a pretty happy baby. ¬†He was sleeping well, but not lately. ¬†He’s been waking 3-4 times¬†at night for the past week, so I’m pretty tired!

We just joined the Y! ¬†I am going to sign up for a 4 mile race on Thanksgiving and am starting to train for it. ¬†Plus I really want to lose the baby weight so I won’t be in maternity clothes for another 6 months! The first night we went as a family on a Friday and just missed the childwatch hours. ¬†So I did a run and then sat with sleeping Simon while Joe and the kids swam.

This weekend Joe took Leo and Silvia to a mountain bike trail to ride. ¬†They were so excited and want to go back. ¬†Joe took Theresa’s seat off the balance bike so she could walk around with it. ¬†She was always upset that she couldn’t ride a bike like Leo and Silvia, so this is keeping her happy.

Life has been pretty crazy and busy, but I’m settling in, and so far no PPD. ¬†We did some travelling the first few weeks postpartum and we realized it was too much too soon, and it’s getting more difficult to travel with 4 little ones. ¬†I had help from my parents-in-law and my parents for the first week,so ¬†Joe didn’t have to take off any time from work.¬†I hope we can have a vacation at some point! The kids are all adjusting well to Simon. ¬†Theresa has improved with her gentleness. ¬†Probably the thing I find hardest is 1) lack of sleep and 2)all the housework. ¬†Turns out there is just a lot of dishes, laundry, chaos and messes with a family of 6, and Simon doesn’t even add anything to dishes yet!


Our First Month in Dayton


We moved from Indianapolis to Dayton about a month ago so this past month has been busy with unpacking, hosting a flurry of guests and discovering what Dayton has to offer.¬† As the weather has warmed up, Leo has become¬†super excited about exploring the woods and finding creeks and bridges. ¬†Since it’s a little difficult for me to explore the woods in much depth when Theresa is with us,¬† it¬†is a great outing for Joe to take them to once a week. ¬†I don’t want¬†Leo to lose his excitement for exploring and playing in nature.¬† What could be better for a child?¬†¬†This week Joe took Leo and Silvia to¬†Huffman metropark while I stayed home and put Theresa to bed. ¬†They didn’t find any creeks (just the river), but Silvia decided she wanted to run fast on the 1 mile trail. ¬†Joe said he had to run to catch up with her and that Leo fell behind. ¬†I think she’ll be a long distance runner ūüėČ

The kids and I went to¬†Wegerzyn metropark and gardens this week. ¬†We checked out the children’s discovery center and walked part of a trail, but had to leave once Theresa got fussy.


Pointing at a fallen tree.

Last weekend we went to the National Air Force Museum.  20160521_122219

Leo and Joe really enjoyed the museum, but Silvia and I got a little bored. ¬†Theresa just stayed in the stroller the whole time and did fine. ¬†She’s in love with stroller rides at the moment. I heard there’s a history part of it, which I would probably enjoy more than the endless amount of planes.

I joined the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery a couple weeks ago and have taken the kids a few times already.¬†It really make me miss the Indianapolis Children’s museum. ¬†It just doesn’t¬†compare. ¬†But it has a little zoo and a lot of science exhibits, so it’s still a good learning environment. ¬†Another thing we lost moving to Dayton is a zoo.¬†¬†However, Dayton has a lot of metroparks, which are free. ¬†I think we will be doing a lot of hiking, going to parks, splash pads and playing in our yard this summer. ¬†I like being part of a neighborhood and being able to get out anytime we want for strolls/bike rides on the sidewalks and to go to neighborhood parks. ¬†One of the parks is¬†one block away from our house and must be from the 80’s. So retro.



Theresa literally butted right in.




The kids biked while I jogged with Theresa in the bike trailer.  (They have helmets now).


The sprinkler has been a hit.

One of the things I like most about our move has been our new house.¬† The yard is great for the kids as they can run around barefoot without a rocky, weedy, glass-filled ground like our last backyard.¬† I’ll add some more pictures of the yard and house soon.